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Panacore Corporation is honored to present you with the following proposal to develop a unique communications portal and information therapy tool.

EuPraxia v3.0

This web-based application represents many years of hard work and innovative applications of technology which has recently come of age with the arrival of a broadband culture and infrastructure. Societal, political and economic forces have begun to converge in a way that has ushered in a new paradigm. EuPraxia was initially designed for this eventuality and our opportunity has arrived.

Each of you whom are in receipt of this outline understand this prospect as you are involved in producing products and/or services which inhabit this technological stratum. I believe there is an opportunity for all of us should we find a way to combine forces and meet the window of opportunity.

I believe that by incorporating your skills and expertise you will endow our product with an unprecedented advantage in the most rapidly evolving sector of the healthcare industry…

Medical Informatics !

We seek to build upon the recognition and support garnered through our flagship web application; EuPraxia v-1.0. Launched in 2002 the Application was recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association’s Political Action Committee [and released to over 500 Representatives on Capitol Hill as part of their Federal Legislative Affairs initiative for 2003] and to date remains to be the only real-time web-based system of its kind, however has yet to see any measure of commercial success. Even so it continues to find a receptive niche in the area of Home Rehabilitation Therapy, Patient Centered Care and 3D visualization.