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EuPraxia v3.0

You have discovered a revolutionary communication portal designed specifically with YOU and your health in mind.

It is an interactive wellness portal equipped with information, media and technology assembled in a way which makes your understanding of health issues and rehabilitation an intuitive experience. This platform allows your physician, educator or therapist to participate with your needs in a dynamic way . . . EuPraxia v-3.0 "a new dimension".  This website has been developed with innate mechanisms intended to have responsive interactions with the User.  This website is currently under development by Panacore Corporation with teams of medical professionals, technologist and scientist who have begun populating the system with media-rich data.  As it is the very nature of this Application, YOU can play an integral part in the evolution of this technology by exploring this Application and providing us your feedback.

It is our hope to establish this site as the most comprehensive Human Physiology and Kinesiology media index available.  We have just begun our ambitious journey and look forward to providing a new dimension in Medical Informatics.

Perry Berryhill
EuPraxis Group, Inc.